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Antquarium (ant + aquarium) is a special container developed with help of NASA which was originally made to help the research of animals in space. This idea was changed later on and nowadays it is a commercial product sold all over the world for low price.


This ant habitat was invented by NASA in year 2003 when they were preparing research of animal's behaving in zero gravity. They were afraid of influence of animals on the shuttle so they chose something small, and it was ants. There were also problem with feeding of the ants and their movement around the shuttle. NASA developed non-toxic transparent gel (because of the need of observation) which was an accommodation and food at the same time.

Antquarium itselfEdit

Antquarium consists of few parts. Gel which provides food and shelter, box made from Plexiglas (6.5"x 5.5"x 1.25"), 4 LEDs embed in the box, magnifying glass (to observe the ants)

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