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The Mars Science Lab was launched on November 26, 2011. It landed Mars Gale Crater on August 6, 2012. The Journey to was 8 months to get to the Mars atmosphere, and covered 1,050 miles. Now Curiosity will be answering the biggest mystery of space; alien life forms.

7 Minutes of TerrorEdit

To the top of the atmosphere to the bottom it takes seven minutes. It takes 14 minutes or so for the signal of the spacecraft to make it Earth. That's how far Mars is away so the NASA team first get word that they touched the atmosphere the equal is coiled then to the surface for every 7 minutes. EDL is also another word for the 7 minutes of terror.

Heat heats up and it glows like the surface of the sun 1600 degrees, Mars atmosphere is 100 times thinner than Earth's.

Super Sonic Parachute-It's the longest strongest parachute built to date it has to be able to with stand 50000 pounds of force even know the parachute weight just 100 pounds it just slows down to 200 miles per hour.

So they had to cut the parachute and start the jetpacks and fly of the sun delving away from the parachute killing a harsone giving the rover straight up and down so it can look at the surface with its radial and see were where will going to land and head straight down to the bottom of the crater right beside a 6 kilometers height mountain they can't get those rockets close to the canyon and it would create a big dust cloud they way they solved that problem is my making a Skycane Maneuver, and carefully placed it the rover on the surface and cut the crane and flew the jetpack away from the rover and Curiosity will start it's Journey

Wrote by Amadeus Robinson Credit to Nasa and youtube

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