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The KSC Headquarters Building houses the administrative offices of NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Located on 1 Street in the Industrial Area of KSC on Merritt Island, Florida, it formally opened on May 26, 1965.
Kennedy Space Center Headquarters

Aerial view of KSC Headquarters looking south

The facility includes the offices of the center director, management staff, personnel, procurement and several hundred contractor and support workers. The building also houses the KSC Library, travel office, film and photo archives, photo processing shops, the Engineering Document Center, print shop, mail room, credit union and KSC security offices.[1]

The building is 439,446 square ft (40,824 square m), is three stories high (except for a fourth-story center section) and is made of reinforced concrete.

It was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on January 21, 2000.

The Headquarters Building and the nearby Central Instrumentation Facility, which are almost 50 years old and showing signs of their age, are to be demolished during the next several years and replaced by a headquarters building that will consolidate all shared services and most administrative functions across the Industrial Area.[2]


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