Template:BLP sources Kevin L.G. Parkin (born 1977 in London) is a British scientist who is best known for his study of beamed energy propulsion.[1]

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Rocket propulsion and gasdynamics, high power microwaves and directed energy, object-oriented software engineering, space mission design


Parkin attended the University of Leicester, where he received his bachelors in physics in 1999. He then attended graduate school at the California Institute of Technology, where he received his masters in science in 2001. He completed his Ph.D at Caltech in 2006, from which he derived his research for beam energy.[2]


Dr. Parkin was previously a member of the Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Research Staff and previously Deputy Director of the Mission Design Center at NASA Ames, and project lead for the Microwave Thermal Rocket. Beginning with his Ph.D. thesis on Microwave Thermal Propulsion, his work spans theoretical, computational and experimental domains for the general problem of space access and economics. In July 2005, he was awarded the Korolev Medal by the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics.

He founded the NASA Ames Mission Design Center (MDC) and developed its software architecture. The Ames MDC was the first of its kind to make extensive use of groupware, for example in pooling knowledge to create and maintain spacecraft parts databases. Another innovation was the use of a centralized parametric mission design archive that enables realtime concurrent design collaboration and object-oriented style 'inheritance' of missions to promote reuse of designs and the growth of design trees.

Dr. Parkin is a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Patents and Selected PublicationsEdit

  • Parkin, K.L.G, and Culick, F.E.C, The Microwave Thermal Rocket, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, in preparation.
  • Parkin, K.L.G, The Microwave Thermal Thruster and its Application to The Launch Problem. Ph.D thesis, June 2006.
  • Kevin L.G. Parkin, Joel C. Sercel, Michael Liu, Daniel P. Thunnissen, ICEMakerT: An Excel-Based Environment for Collaborative Design, IEEE Aerospace Conference, March 8–15, 2003, Big Sky, MT. -- IEEEAC Paper #1564.
  • K.L.G Parkin. A Microwave Heat-Exchange Thruster and Method of Operation the Same. - U.S. Patent 6993898


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