Astronaut class group 20

Front row, from the left to right: Jeremy Hansen, Scott D. Tingle, Michael S. Hopkins, Gregory R. (Reid) Wiseman and Mark T. Vande Hei.
Middle row, from the left to right: Jack D. Fischer, Serena M. Auñón, Kathleen (Kate) Rubins and Jeanette J. Epps.
Back row, from the left to right: David Saint-Jacques, Takuya Onishi, Norishige Kanai, Kimiya Yui and Kjell N. Lindgren.

NASA Astronaut Group 20 (The Chumps)[1] saw the training of nine mission specialists, and five international mission specialists to become NASA astronauts. These 14 astronauts began training in August 2009 and officially graduated as astronauts on 4 November 2011.

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