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ISS Expedition 6 crew

Launched Expedition 6 crew
L-R: Donald Pettit, Ken Bowersox and Nikolai Budarin

ISS Expedition 5 crew

Landed Expedition 5 crew
L-R: Valery G. Korzun, Peggy Whitson, and Sergei Y. Treshchev

Earth's horizon as seen from Shuttle Endeavour

View of Earth's horizon at sunrise as seen from Endeavour on STS-113.


Illustration of the International Space Station after STS-113

STS-113 was a Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS) flown by Space Shuttle Endeavour. During the 14-day mission in late 2002, Endeavour and its crew extended the ISS backbone with the P1 truss and exchanged the Expedition 5 and Expedition 6 crews aboard the station. With Commander Jim Wetherbee and Pilot Paul Lockhart at the controls, Endeavour docked with the station on 25 November 2002 to begin seven days of station assembly, spacewalks and crew and equipment transfers. This was Endeavour’s last flight before entering its Orbiter Major Modification period until 2007, and also the last shuttle mission before the Columbia disaster.


Position Launching Astronaut Landing Astronaut
Commander James D. Wetherbee
Sixth spaceflight
Pilot Paul S. Lockhart
Second spaceflight
Mission Specialist 1 Michael López-Alegría
Third spaceflight
Mission Specialist 2 John B. Herrington
First spaceflight
Mission Specialist 3 Kenneth D. Bowersox
Expedition 6
Fifth and last spaceflight
ISS Commander
Valery G. Korzun, RKA
Expedition 5
Second and last spaceflight
ISS Commander/Soyuz Commander
Mission Specialist 4 Nikolai M. Budarin, RKA
Expedition 6
Third and last spaceflight
ISS Flight Engineer/Soyuz Commander
Peggy A. Whitson
Expedition 5
First spaceflight
ISS Flight Engineer
Mission Specialist 5 Donald R. Pettit
Expedition 6
First spaceflight
ISS Flight Engineer
Sergei Y. Treshchov, RKA
Expedition 5
Only spaceflight
ISS Flight Engineer

Mission highlightsEdit

STS-113 was an Assembly Mission (11A) to the International Space Station, delivering the P1 Truss segment, which provides structural support for the Space Station radiators. Mission Specialists John Herrington and Michael López-Alegría performed three spacewalks to activate and outfit the P1. The STS-113 crew and both Expedition crews transferred about 1,969 kilograms (4,340 pounds) of cargo between the shuttle and station.

STS-113 delivered the Expedition 6 crew to the station for a four-month increment. The Expedition 5 crew returned to Earth aboard STS-113, ending an 185-day stay in space.

STS-113 came to a close when Endeavour glided in to a landing at Kennedy Space Center on 7 December. It was the 19th flight of Endeavour, the 112th shuttle mission, and the 16th shuttle mission to the station. The landing was the first time a mission ended on the fourth day of landing attempts.

Also carried aboard STS-113 was the Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) based Pico Satellite Inspector. This payload deployed two small satellites which are connected via a 15 metres (Template:Convert/round ft) tether.

STS-113 was the last successful mission before STS-107. Gus Loria was originally scheduled to fly as the pilot for this mission, but was replaced due to an injury. His replacement was Paul S. Lockhart

STS-113 was the final mission during which Russian cosmonauts flew on the Space Shuttle.

Because Endeavour entered its Orbiter Major Modification period after the Columbia disaster, this was the last shuttle mission to fly with a traditional analog-style cockpit. Template:LaunchAttempt

Mission parametersEdit

Docking with ISSEdit

  • Docked: 25 November 2002, 21:59:00 UTC
  • Undocked: 2 December 2002, 20:50:00 UTC
  • Time Docked: 6 days, 22 h, 51 min, 00 s


Mission Spacewalkers Start – UTC End – UTC Duration Mission
47. STS-113
Michael López-Alegría
John Herrington
26 November 2002
27 November 2002
6 h, 45 min Install P1 truss
48. STS-113
Michael López-Alegría
John Herrington
28 November 2002
29 November 2002
6 h, 10 min Install TV cameras, move CETA
49. STS-113
Michael López-Alegría
John Herrington
30 November 2002
1 December 2002
7 h, 00 min Inspect Mobile Transporter

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