• I live in California
  • My occupation is Library Aid
  • I am Male

Hi Edit

Hi I am the admin for this wiki, I'm Looking forward to creating this wiki & Making it a sucssecful Comunity.

Vandalism Policy Edit

Warning Edit

Vandalism is not tolerated any were on this wiki or any other wiki, offenders will be punished as outlined below, for more serious offinces Sysops/Buricrats may take what ever punishment they see fit, consider this your warning.

Punishment Edit

  • Vandalism Policy is as fallows;
  • Vandalism First offince (1 page) is a warning
  • Vandalism First Offince (More than 1 page) 72 hour block
  • Vandalism second offince (2 pages) 1 week block
  • Vandalism Second Offince (more than 2 pages) 1 month block
  • Vandalism third offince Perminant Block of username And Ip
  • Vandalism Fourth Offince (If you get around the block) I will notify your ISP and request that they warn you
  • Yes i do know how to track down your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
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