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WorldView-2 is a commercial Earth observation satellite owned by DigitalGlobe. WorldView-2 provides commercially available panchromatic imagery of .46 m resolution, and eight-band multispectral imagery with 1.84 m (Template:Convert/outAnd) resolution.[1] It was launched October 8, 2009 to become DigitalGlobe's third satellite in orbit, joining WorldView-1 which was launched in 2007 and QuickBird which was launched in 2001.[2] It takes a new photograph of any place on Earth every 1.1 days.[3]


Ball Aerospace built the spacecraft, which includes an optical telescope that can image objects 18 in (Template:Convert/round mm) in diameter.


WorldView-2 was launched October 8, 2009 from Vandenberg Air Force Base on a Delta II flying in the 7920 configuration. The launch vehicle was provided by the United Launch Alliance and launch services were administered by Boeing.

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