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WorldView-3 is a commercial Earth observation satellite owned by DigitalGlobe. It was launched on August 13, 2014, to become DigitalGlobe's sixth satellite in orbit, joining Ikonos which was launched in 1999, QuickBird in 2001, WorldView-1 in 2007, GeoEye-1 in 2008, and WorldView-2 in 2009. WorldView-3 provides commercially available panchromatic imagery of 0.31 m (Template:Convert/round in) resolution, eight-band multispectral imagery with 1.24 m (Template:Convert/outAnd) resolution, shortwave infrared imagery at 3.7 m (Template:Convert/outAnd) resolution, and CAVIS (Clouds, Aerosols, Vapors, Ice, and Snow) data at 30 m (Template:Convert/pround ft) resolution.[1]


WorldView-3 was launched on August 13, 2014, from Vandenberg Air Force Base on an Atlas V flying in the 401 configuration. The launch vehicle is provided by the United Launch Alliance and launch services were administered by Lockheed Martin.

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